Can't eat out?... BRING IT HOME

from the Lord Kitchener!

We specialise in affordable, high-quality food for takeaway.

All our food is freshly-prepared and ready to collect at your preferred time.

FRIDAY & SATURDAY… Pick up times 6pm to 8pm


SUNDAY… Roasts only - Pick up times 12pm to 3pm.

Order ASAP but, for orders/pick up on the day, no later than 4pm on Fridays or Saturdays and 11am on Sundays .

How does it work?

Is it Safe?

To Order:

Call Bernard on 07783 849 789.

Get pick up time (minimum 1 hour).

Pay by card over phone.


To Collect:

Drive to Lord Kitchener carpark, call 07783 849789 and open the boot.

Food plated and ready to eat place in the boot of your car.

You… Bring it home!

Walking? – Pick up in pub garden – 2m distance kept at all times.


Need a bottle of wine?

50% off all wines.

You… Bring it home!


Is it safe?

We always keep 2 metres distance, deep-clean our kitchen, 

wash hands, and maintain high standards


Takeaway Menus

At least 10% off all menus at this time!


Contact us

Tel: Tel: 07783 849 789  |  Email:

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