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(Available with a delivery of any CHC food - not available stand-alone)

Call My Wine Bluff – Five wines for £20pp

More fun and relaxing than traditional wine-tasting, this is a variant on the word game where each participant is given a small glass of wine, ”blind”, together with three verbal descriptions , all plausible and professionally written by Majestic Wines but only one of which is true, and two are bluffs. You play in teams, discuss the wine and guess which description is true. The game involves five rounds with different wines.


Regrettably this game doesn’t work with non-alcoholic wine.


Gin-Tasting – Five gins for £20pp

We start you off with a regular G&T and a bit of background about gin history and variations, tonic-ratios amount of ice etc.

We then lead you through tasting samples of three different premium gins with complementary tonics and garnishes.

Lastly, we leave you with a full bowl of Pink Spritz to relax with before your meal.

We have three different non-alcoholic gins that can be used for those needing them and/or we can substitute premium vodka if required.


Prosecco Cocktails – Five cocktails for £20pp

Five different Prosecco-based cocktails; staring with a Mimosa leading through a Spritz, a Bellini, a Kir and ending with a Black Velvet – a lot of fun.

Non-alcoholic versions of each cocktail can be provided for those needing them.



A karaoke player will be delivered and connected to the large screen TV in your unit at the Cotswold Manor Estate provided together with 300 songs and two wi fi mikes. Available for 48 hours for £75.



We can provide you with up to five rounds of questions – tailored if required for sex, age, category and difficulty. We will provide score sheets and recommend playing in teams. A quizmaster can be made available for £75.

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